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x4 labs and jes extender comparedPeople frequently get puzzled while choosing a penis extender because there are lots of brands available in the market today. People get confused because they don’t know which brand is best and which one will work for them effectively. So, it is advised that people who want to buy these products should read the various reviews posted by the users on internet and they should also compare the different features of different brands.

Comparison Of Both Penis Stretcher Devices

By reading penis stretcher reviews you are able to know all the pros and cons of different brand. If you compare the features of Jes Extender vs X4 Labs, you are able to know which one is best among the two and this will help you to choose the best one without puzzling yourself. In the market the price of the Jes Extender is $299 whereas the price of X4 labs is near $199. Some people experienced that while wearing Jes Extender they felt some irritation therefore it is not so comfortable to wear. This type of problems arises due to design flaw. Jes Extender has a noose design therefore it creates problems while wearing it.

Our Conclusion

People say that while wearing X4 Labs they don’t felt any irritation and it is due to the comfort strap technology that helps people to wear it longer time without any problem. The noose design of Jes Extender limits the flow of blood to the penis but the design of X4 enhances the flow of blood to the penis. X4 Labs offers free trials for the Deluxe penis extender and so you are able to try it personally witness the results whereas Jes Extender renders six months money back guarantee. Thus, at last we can say that X4 labs penis extenders are more effectual than the Jes Extender and therefore people should select the X4 Labs penis extender for better results.

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