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Penis extenders have redefined the way, consumers see the male enhancement industry, as there is no alternative is available which is has been used for being effective and as a penis extender.

Causing side effects or infection while using other male enhancement devices is always a worry, but users of a penis enhancement device should know that they are using the safest products on the market. Although, there are number of penis enlargers available in the market but nothing can beat X4 Labs and Fastsize as these are two brands which enjoy of having highest ranking of being best enlargement devices.

X4 Labs male enhancement device has a better relaxing and cozy strap as compared to the Fastsize extenders. Fastsize extenders cost relatively more than X4 Labs as Fastsize costs $279 whereas X4 Labs costs $199. By using X4 Labs one can increase their penis length by 4 inches and can increase their girth by 2 inches, while with Fastsize penis extender a user can increase 3 inches of length and 2 inches of girth to their penis. You don’t have to pay any shipping charges with X4 Labs penis extenders while availing Fastsize penis extenders you have to pay a varying shipping charge.

You can maintain a strong control over your ejaculation with the help of both the X4 Labs penis extender as well as the Fastsize extender. You can avail free trial of the X4 Labs male enhancement device while there is no such facility with Fastsize penis extender. However, you can avail six month money back guarantee with both products. X4 Labs penis extender usually performs better in comparison to the Fastsize penis extender.

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