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Is it a myth or the reality

The Basics of penis extenders

x4 labs can workBefore breaking the myth around the X4 labs scam, we would like to help you understand the basic workings of this penis extender. Any product is bound to create misunderstandings if its workings are not clearly explained to everyone in the marketplace.  The X4 labs extender works around the natural principle of cell regeneration in human body by the application of external pressure/force on the penile surface. The more pressure that is applied on the penile surface, it results in an increase in the flow of blood to and fro from the penis. This enhanced blood flow in turn acts as a catalyst in increasing your penis size in both length and girth.

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Far from being the creator of x4 labs scam, the company actually works round the clock to produce the most safe, effective and efficient penis extenders in the market. Furthermore, the changes gained from the regular use of X4 labs extender are permanent in nature. This means that your new penis size will remain permanently the same even if you stop using the penis extender after a period of six months. Several clinical trials have also been carried out to testify this fact.

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Apart from the gains in penis size, it has also been found that the consistent users of this stretcher device significantly improve their overall sexual stamina as they are able to experience much stronger and longer erections than before.

x4 labs clinicalWhile a large section of online and off-line media wrote about X4 labs scam, sooner or later all of them apologized and concluded that the results from this extender are based on actual scientific facts. Many others who didn’t budge from their stand were actually found to be backed by competitors of X4 labs penis extender. For them it is a daily routine to write baseless and negative articles on X4 labs scam so that innocent customers can be mislead into buying other products and the competitors coffers can be filled with undeserved money. Very obviously, these companies don’t have the best interests of customers in mind.

Resarch And Development 365 days a year

X4 labs carries out incessant research 365 days in a year to improve their already effective extenders and provide their respected customer base with even better devices that can change the course of sexual life of millions of men all over the world.

No wonder they have received two thumbs up from doctors and medical professionals all over the world. To conclude, we would like to say that there is no such thing as X4 labs scam. The term is just a figment of imagination of some jealous and unsuccessful competitor/s.

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