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Most Common Penis Extenders Compared

x4 labs and sizegenetics comparedPenis extenders are the top rated method of penis enlargement because they are highly effective if compared to any other method that is available in the market. Penis extenders are also very safe as they do not cause any kind of side effects to the users. People can be assured of the effective results provided by the penis extenders. The penis extenders are pain free method for effective penis enlargement.

The Basic Differences

There are number of penis extenders emerged in the market and the Size genetics and X4 Labs Premium are two such penis extenders among them which are considered as the most effective penis extenders. SizeGenetics and X4 Labs Premium are also highly recommended type of penis extenders because they are really very effective and can help the people to fulfill their dreams of an enlarged penis. The Size genetics Systems which are available in the market consists of the device, penis enlargement pills etc.

The Features

SizeGenetics System vs. X4 Labs Premium comparison can help the people to know whether SizeGenetics System is effective or X4 Labs Premium extender is effective. The system includes the SizeGenetics device, prosolution pills, volume pills, penis health membership and spare parts etc.

The premium edition by X4 Labs includes the complete 4 in 1 Quad Support System, specially designed girth base edition, cleaning and moisturizing kit for improved results, 2 sex DVD’s etc. Both these penis extenders are made up of comfort strap technology but the X4 Labs extender is more comfortable for the people to wear and it really adds to the effectiveness of the device.

The Complete Features Of The X4 Premium Edition Here

Comparison Of The Results

With the help of size genetics system people can add up to 3 inch of length and 2 inch of the girth to the penis whereas X4 Labs Premium can help the people to add up to 4 inch of length and 2-3 inch of girth to the penis. People can use DISC75 and Save $75 on their purchase from X4Labs.com.

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