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Please note that the below FAQ Section is just an excerpt of the official X4 Labs FAQ. To read the full section visit this site

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Since most of our customers have similar questions related to penis enlargement penis extenders, we have provided a brief list of frequently asked questions to make it easier for you. In case you feel that your question hasn’t been answered appropriately here, please free to get in touch with us toll free at 1-866-970-9595 and one of our customer service representatives will be glad to help you out. You can also contact us here.

Is our shipping process completely discreet?

Yes, our shipping process is 100% discreet. All orders placed with us are shipped in a highly discreet manner with comfort pads, video tutorial, instructional manual, variable length extension bars, comfort straps and other components in them. Other products are included discreetly too depending on the model type ordered. (Have a look at our products here)

Are results obtained from penis extender permanent?

Yes, these results are 100% permanent in nature. The X4 labs extender is guaranteed to provide you with average penis enlargement of about 33% increase in both length and girth in around four to six months timeframe. However, some visible results can in fact be observed in a matter of few weeks alone. Click here to learn more about the X4 labs penis extender.

Can a penis extender help increase the girth of penis?

Yes, a penis extender can help gain both length and girth of penis. A common misconception in the marketplace related to penis extenders is that a penis extender can help increase only the length of penis. Please note, the X4 labs penis extender is guaranteed to increase both length and girth of your penis size by making your penis undergo cellular division from within and enhancing the internal cavities’ size.

Can penis extender cure penile curvature?

Yes, an effective penis extender can correct penile curvature by up to 99%. The evolution of X4 labs penis extender actually started from helping the patients of penile curvature and peyronie’s disease – a medical condition resulting from scarring and inflammation of penis. With it, patients can expect up to 90% correction in penile curvature, without having to go under the knife.

Especially The X4 Labs Peyronies Edition Can Help – Read Here More

Is a penis extender safe to use?

Yes, the X4 labs extender is absolutely safe to use and is a CE certified medical device. X4 labs extender has undergone stringent tests to ensure its level of comfort, quality, safety and effectiveness.

Is there a Money back guarantee if I buy X4 labs extender?

Yes, we trust our product completely and offer a 6 months growth guarantee on our premium, gold and deluxe models to our customers. In case you have been using the x4 labs extender as per instructions for a period of 6 months and have not experienced any gains in penis size, please contact our support staff or place a request for return for full refund minus the bank processing fees and shipping charges.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription to buy and use a penis extender?

No, there is no medical consultation or prescription required to buy and use X4 labs extender. While it is good to keep a doctor in confidence, it is not necessary. The X4 labs extender comes with a comprehensive video and manual to help its customers obtain the best results from its use.. X4 labs extender also comes with an online forum where you can ask and find answers to other questions related to correct use of extender.

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