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Comparison Of Two Common Penis Extenders

Owing to its hefty price, a penis extender is normally a quite substantial investment that is meant to serve one and only one purpose, that is increase the user’s penis size. However, in the end it either works fantastically well or doesn’t work at all. What more, a wrong penis extender can actually cause severe harm to your sexual health.

On a lighter note, a home gym that you bought long ago can at least double up as a clothes hanger when you’re not using it. But in case of a penis extender, if you don’t use it, it’ll just be a huge waste of money. This article was meant to be both X4 labs penis extender review as well as the ultimate stretcher review, in order to compare both and help you decide on one.

How Do Both Systems work?

Both the stretchers work on the scientific principle of cellular division by application of external force on the penile surface, causing the generation of new cells and thereby increasing the penis size in both length and girth.

Regular daily use of such a penile extender can help men in increasing their penis size by as much as three additional inches in length as well as some increase in girth in a matter of a few months. The added inches will also help in enhancing the sexual performance, stamina and the strength of the erections. All these enhancements will further lead to an increase in the self-esteem of the individual.

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Medically Backed and Clinically Proven

The X4 labs extender is widely recommended by medicos all over the world owing to its effectiveness, reliability and safety. There have been many tests carried out on X4 labs penis extender, in different parts of the world and it has been found out that it is almost 90% effective in enhancing the penis size.

It is also believed to be an excellent cure for medical conditions such as penile curvature and Peyronie’s disease.

Economical But Low Quality

x4 labs comfort strapOn the other hand, the ultimate stretcher is widely known as the most economical penis extender available in the marketplace. However, please keep in mind that economical does not automatically mean substandard. The ultimate stretcher has also passed several tests just like X4 labs extender and has proven to increase length and girth of penis with its regular use.

So why is the ultimate stretcher so inexpensive? It is only because it doesn’t come along with the attachments and services normally available with the X4 labs extender. While the ultimate stretcher comes with a noose strap that is not so comfortable, the X4 extender has a comfort strap that is relatively far more comfortable and effective.

Our tests show that although ultimate stretcher is far cheaper than X4 labs extender, it is far riskier too. And we won’t recommend it over X4 labs extender.

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