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Penile curvature in men is a common problem. It is a nightmare for males who have a bent penis / curved penis. Such a problem poses as an impediment to a healthy sexual life. Severe penile curvature exists in 1-3% of men thereby making it a common problem. Penises that are severely curved are commonly termed as “bend”.

The Problem With It

The bend occurs when a person has Peyronie’s Disease that involves scar tissues. However, the scar tissues are almost absent in a simple curvature. A curved penis makes sex very cumbersome if not impossible. The bend does not allow smooth insertion of the penis into the female genitalia. Women naturally dislike a curved penis as it causes utter discomfort when inside. At times intercourse is not possible at all. Thus, penile curvature can even lead to rejection of a particular person by the opposite sex.

How Exactly Does It Affect You

A curved penis becomes prominent during erection. There is a noticeable abnormal bend that makes the penis look like a perfect ‘J’ in extreme cases. At times erections can be quite painful in males who have this problem. Other symptoms include the penis getting narrow with erection and pain while having intercourse. These symptoms are enough to suggest whether you have a curved penis or not. There are numerous causes that results in a bent penis. Many people have congenital curvature i.e. curved since birth. It might also develop within two weeks of birth. Most bends corrects themselves automatically over time and needs no treatment. However, in some cases the deformity increases with age and during puberty, the curve becomes so pronounced that it is starkly noticeable.

This happens because the sex organ grows real fast during puberty as there is secretion of the sex hormone testosterone. Moreover, once a male starts masturbating during this period of puberty, and starts using his organ frequently, it can worsen the problem and at times make it better. To some, a bend is more an embarrassment factor though they can easily have sex but for some, a severe bend can make life difficult and even make sex impossible. At times a certain trauma or injury can damage the penis and make it curved even though the curve was not there previously. The penis does not have any bones inside but in case the penis meets with an injury, it can cause permanent damage. Sex accidents, like damaging the penis during anal intercourse might cause ruptures inside the sex organ that might stop healthy growth of the penis.

This might cause one side of the penis to grow and the other side stops growing. This will definitely result in a curved penis as the healthy part outgrows the damaged part. Many a times it so happens that a male gets an erection while he is wearing tight fitted clothing like tight underwear and jeans. As he cannot always take out his penis and let it relax, he often forcefully pushes the penis towards one side to hide the uncomfortable erection. This results in the penile tissues getting constricted and at times immobilized. As a result, the natural enlargement gets affected as the blood flows more and fills up one side while the pressurized side gets lesser blood leading to oxygen deprivation and other nutritional deficiency. This might lead to unwanted penile curvature.

The Most Sensitive Organ

treat your penile cuvature naturallyThe penis has to be taken care of as it is a very sensitive organ. Youngsters sometimes put undue pressure on it by resorting to dangerous methods of masturbation. For example, rubbing the penis on hard, rough surfaces can lead to injury. Another thing better avoided is sleeping on the stomach though it hasn’t been medically proved to cause penile damage. However, many sexologists are of the opinion that when a guy sleeps on his stomach, it has a certain compression effect on the blood vessels located inside the penis that leads to reduced blood supply to penile spongy tissues. Tissue growth on one side of the penis might be affected resulting in the problem of penile curvature.

Take Care Of Your Penis

Peyronie’s disease is the most common cause for a bent penis. The problem with Peyronie’s is that if a person leaves it untreated, it will get worse making it quite painful. Sexual intercourse might be impossible and ejaculation brought about by masturbation or oral sex might also cause pain. The penis will bend to such an extent that no treatment will make it better. Apart from the abovementioned causes of a curved penis, there are a few other disorders that can lead to penile curvature. Hypospadias is a penile abnormality that is genetically caused. People suffering from Dupuytren’s contracture might also develop curvature of penis though such incidences are rare. Dupuytren’s contracture is a common disease in white men who are more than 50 years of age. The palm of either hands or a single hand develops a certain cord-like thickening. Urethral obstruction known as urethral stricture can make your penis bent. The urethra carries the urine and semen out of the penis.

How Does A Penile Curvature Happens

The reason why the curvature develops is basically because of uneven growth of the two penile chambers. This happens over the period of the man’s body growth and the penis bends towards the part that has a receded growth. No one can predict the problem and thus take precautions. However, there are a few treatments available that might help in correcting the problem. Thus, it’s not all grim.

The directions that the penis might take depend on the plaques. Normally, the penis curves upwards. It can also bend to one side (generally left). In another worse scenario, the penis is completely straight although the bend is at the base of the shaft making the penis point directly towards the floor. This makes sex difficult or impossible. The organ might also take the shape of an hourglass as if a band is wrapped around the shaft. The presence of scar tissues (that do not stretch) might be responsible for the curve during erection or the area causing the curve might have lesser skin. Though chances are very less but this condition if left untreated may lead to impotence. Penis traction helps a lot as it stretches the side that has the scar tissues thereby matching the other side.

You can also use creams/ointments containing verapamil that acts like a calcium channel blocker and breaks the scar tissues. If you are too unfortunate and none og the drug therapies cure the problem, you might consider surgery. This is quite a drastic solution as surgery might damage other healthy tissues and lead to further complications. However, you must never ignore the problem. Do not let it get worse and secondly having a healthy sexual life is extremely important. This problem is a hindrance to that and therefore must be treated. The best step is to consult a reputed sexologist who would examine your penis and suggest the best possible remedy depending on your condition.

Peyronies Can Be Treated – Treat it now! With A Safe And Easy Method

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