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Complicating Life, Destroying Peace of Mind

treat your peyronies diseaseFrench surgeon François de la Peyronie first described this disease in the year 1743. It is from him that this disease derived its name though instances of Peyronie’s were reported as early as 1687. It is quite a worrisome medical condition in men and it involves the male genitalia and sexual intercourse. Prevalence of this disease is estimated to be in the range of less than 1% to around 23%. 3.2% of men aged between 30-80 yrs of age have been to be having Peyronie’s, a very recent study, conducted in Germany, said. Although the disease sets in mainly during a man’s middle age, it is quite possible that both young and old can also suffer from it. Quite surprisingly, instances of Peyronie’s in Asian and African-American men are significantly less than that of white men with North European ancestry.

When Should You Start To Treat?

Peyronie’s disease must be treated immediately. Otherwise, it can lead to serious complications and that includes both physiological and psychological problems. One such complication is penile curvature. Plaques inside the penis cause it to bend unusually towards a particular direction. The most common direction is upwards as the plaques are present at the upper part of the penis. However, if plaques are present both on the top and the bottom side, in that case it leads to shortening of penis or indentation. The curvature, pain and psychological distress can serious hinder sexual activity. Peyronie’s left untreated leads to permanent deformity of your penis.

Hardening Tissues Around Your Penis

sad peyronies diseaseThen there is the problem of tissues hardening on other portions of the body. Around 30% men with Peyronies develop hardening tissues on various parts of the body such as the hands and feet. Dupuytren’s hand contracture is a condition that may crop up from Peyronie’s disease. The urethra might suddenly become narrowed or obstructed and it is known as urethral stricture. Urethra is a pretty long tube takes the urine out of your body through urination and is also responsible for spurting semen when you reach orgasm. The urethra gets permanently curved because in Peyronie’s disease, the penis bends and takes an abnormal shape. The disease can also lead to impotence and erectile dysfunction where you won’t be able to achieve an erection hard enough for sexual intercourse.

Complications That Might Affect You

Other complications include the inability to have satisfactory sex both for the male and the female and at times sexual intercourse is impossible. Men with the disease are embarrassed to expose their penis to women because of its abnormal shape. This very often leads to social seclusion, psychological problems and an unhappy social life. Therefore, please do not neglect the condition and seek medical advice.

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