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Modern, Classical and Hybrid Penis Extenders

The Classical and Modern methods of traction offered by penile enlargement devices offer certain advantages to each of them. By combining these two methods into a hybrid support system, the user has more control on what method he prefers more to use.

There are numerous varieties of best penile enlargement device available in the market today.  Different products offering different methods of traction to lengthen the size of the penis.  Among the different methods there are a couple that stand out.  The classic extender, which utilizes silicone tubing and the modern extender, which makes use of the silicone strap.  Both methods offer varying advantages and uses, most especially the effect on the flow of blood and its circulation.

The Contemporary Penis Enlarger Method

x4 labs comfort strapIn the history of penis repair and modification, the advent of the modern or contemporary extender was well-thought-out to be a breakthrough in the penile extension business.  Proper emphasis on the state of blood circulation in relation to penis expansion utilizing comfort or silicone fastenings to allow a better flow of blood to the penis resulting in better girth and length.  The better wellbeing experienced by wearers of this method made them able to use it for a much longer time before they have to take it off hence they were able to achieve the size they wanted in half the time needed.

The Standard Penis Enlarger Method

x4 labs silicone tubingThe old school method of penile enhancers used tubing made of silicone as the preferred method of attachment.  This method impairs the flow and circulation of blood to the penis resulting in great discomfort and pain to the user.  This makes this method of traction very inefficient to achieve the length desired because users tend to not be able to wear them for prolonged periods.

The Crossbreed Support Method of Penile Enlargement

The crossbreed or hybrid method gives certain latitude to users to choose which type of traction he is more comfortable using.  In this device, both the contemporary and the standard methods are available to be utilized.  This hybrid system offers the best of both worlds by integrating the efficiency of the modern penile enlarger method with the more solid support offered by the standard or classical type.

Use The Benefits Of Hybrid Support With X4 Labs

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