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penis painPain in the penis is also called pudendal nerve entrapment in medical terms. It may occur without any reason in the lower portion of central pelvic regions such as perineum, vulva, scrotum, anal area and the penis.

Nature of penis pain

Symptoms of penis pain include aching, spasm, irritation, stabbing, burning, numbness, pins and needles, twisting, tightness, cramping, knife like, hyper sensitivity and crawling on the skin. Pain in the penis is similar to the pain associated with toothache. It is a type of progressive pain. You may need to go for urination frequently. You may also suffer from sexual dysfunction. You may feel pain on both sides quite often.

Reasons for penile pain

There may be several reasons for penile pain. People, who travel frequently or sitting continuously at a particular place, are likely to get pain in the penis. It could also be due to development susceptibility. People, who participate in excessive intercourse or masturbation, could suffer from pain in the penis.  People, who use penis pumps or have undergone surgery to cure erectile dysfunction, may also suffer from penile pain.

How to cure penile pain?

penis pain stopThe following tips will help you to get relief from penile pain:

  • Physician recommended treatment
  • Indentify the cause for pain and prevent its recurrence
  • Surgery with nerves decompression

What are the effects of penile pain?

  • People, who suffer from penis pain for longer duration, may need to go toilet repeatedly for urination. They may face difficulty in urination.
  • They may suffer from abnormal / painful bowl function.
  • People, who are diagnosed with penile pain, are reported to have frequent constipation.
  • They may face difficulty in penetration. It will be painful for women during intercourse. Males may also suffer from pain during orgasm or erectile dysfunction.

Tips to overcome penile pain

  • Maintain healthy life style.
  • Advised intake of balanced diet that comprises minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.
  • Utilize doctor endorsed penis stretchers including X4 Labs.
  • You need to consult your physician if you suffer from prolonged pain for several days.
  • Ensure hygienic conditions to prevent penis infection.
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