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It is quite interesting to note how societal trends dictate body shape and size. While one type of society wants men to be slim and flexible, some other society requires men to be well-built. Gestures, postures, hair fashion, everything changes from time to time as tastes, preferences and desires of the opposite sex changes. Now is the age of penis enlargement. Along with body shape, abs, muscles, biceps, triceps, pectoral muscles etc, men are increasingly going for penis enlargement techniques.

Well, that’s the need of the society. Perhaps, sexual freedom of both sexes has given rise to such demands together with continuous advertising and other promotion techniques. Through these techniques marketers have been able to change societal perspective. Now, a small/medium-sized penis calls for embarrassment from the opposite sex though size has little to do with sexual pleasure.

Bigger Penis – Better Sex

A big penis means more pleasure – that’s how the new generation perceives it. Right or wrong is certainly out of question. However, penis health is extreme important and sexual dysfunction is a problem. It is quite common in men along with other problems like penis rashes, bumps, lumps and inflammation. There also is the problem of prolonged erection that may eventually damage the penis. Getting rid of these problems is more important as they can truly be a cause of embarrassment especially if you want your sexual partner to engage in oral sex. Embarrassment can further lead to other sexual, reproductive and mental problems. It is quite common that men with penis abnormalities are ashamed of exposing their penis to a sexual partner in the fear of getting rejected and later ridiculed.

The need for penis enlargement in common people arose after they were exposed to adult/porn movies where it has been portrayed that a man with a large penis is the true ‘girls’ man’. Again, the need also arise out of ridicule. Women do tease men with smaller penises. Some men are even not ready to expose their organs to the doctor and thus keep harmful diseases like testicular cancer and inflammations a secret. Penis size has been a matter of intense discussion by both men and women for ages.

The requirement of a bigger penis is more because of perceptions of masculinity, potency, virility and self-esteem. For women, the sight of a thick, long penis results in more sexual arousal. However, whether the large penis gives more pleasure during intercourse is quite debatable. Body image and personality are the main factors that demand a bigger penis.

Australian Research Gave Helpful Results

The Australian Research Centre for Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University conducted a study to understand the relationship between body image and penis size. It was found out that 86% of the 500 men surveyed were unsatisfied with their penis size. Every 4 out of 5 men were not satisfied with their genitals. Some 43% of them have considered going under the knife. This shows that size of penis means a lot to men and they find it an essential part of their body image. Doctors need to be very careful when dealing with such issues and must take it into account when giving medicines for other diseases. There are medicines those result in loss of sexual appetite.

The most important thing is to have a healthy penis. For that one has to have a healthy body and follow a strict fitness regime and stay away from an unhealthy sex life. Do not eat junk food as they restrict proper blood flow to the penis. The excess fat inside the body is responsible for reduced blood flow. They block the arteries that supply the blood. Have a healthy well-balanced diet high in fiber content and low in saturated fats. Excess of sugar and animal fats can bring in various heart diseases and diabetes that can very well lead to sexual dysfunction.

Do Not Smoke

If you are smoking, you may not be able to have ‘smokin’ sex’. It narrows blood vessels that lead to plaque formation in arteries supplying blood to the penis. If you are smoking for quite some time, don’t complain if your penis shrinks and you just can’t release enough semen. You are going impotent mate! Probably you won’t even get erect after a few days no matter what you and your sex partner does to your penis. In order to maintain a good health of your penis, you got to take certain minerals and vitamins like zinc chromium, larginine and Vitamin A, B, C and E. You can also take herbs like Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Wild Yam, Dong Quai, Sarsaparilla, Saw Palmetto, Hydrangea root, Gotu Kola and Pygeum only after consulting the doctor. They are quite helpful for impotence and lazy erections. Any exercise is good for you penis. Masturbation is good; but please don’t over-masturbate.

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